... and have also (now) seen the reviews on the effects of the drug (I wish I had been more diligent beforehand). When I went into get my first ultra sound from my OB, at 12 weeks she concluded that there was no fetal heart beat and the fetus had not grown. ( Macrobid is known to effect fetal growth) As asked I came in a week later and the ultrasound had the same results. The chance of the occurrence of lack of fetal growth/heart beat without immediate miscarriage (blighted ovum) is 1%., I am 15 weeks now and just started showing signs of a miscarriage. I would not suggest taking Macrobid especially in the first precious weeks of pregnancy. I am appalled people are so willing to just believe what doctors tell them (including myself). Although I am not sure the results would have been the same if I had not taken Macrobid it would put my mind at ease if I had not ingested manmade chemicals, as being a possible result of miscarriage. (Oh and if you are curious I have, had no complications other than the phantom UTI, and I had not taken any drugs/alcohol or prescriptions, ate very healthy, and took my prenatal regularly) prior and after the first ultrasound