Hello, have been on Wellbutrin 300XL for 3 years now and was a life saver initially. Was recently prescribed lexapro 10mg. Made me feel terrible, kind of out of it and very tired. I cut the pill into half and even a half of 10mg makes me feel very strange, definitely not myself. I do not have anxiety at all, just lack of motivation/hopelessness etc, due to several health problems so not sure if lexapro is a good choice made by my PCP. I'm curious if anyone else if on lexapro or lexapro Wellbutrin combination and how it effected them and if it made a difference by taking it at night as opposed to day. Only been on it 5 days but HATE the way it's made me feel. Any help, suggestions, comments are appreciated!! I don't know if it's too early to tell but I don't think I can go another day feeling like this. It's actually far worse as far as motivation is concerned. I don't feel myself which makes it hard to do much of anything. Thank you!