... my feeling dizzy and unbalanced. I started brain/treadmill exercises and went on Klonopin 0.5mg twice day. A few months back, I felt I needed more to feel normal like I did when I first went on it. So my doctor said I should have a weekly “no Klonopin” day to keep the effectiveness of the medicine. But that withdrawal day turned out to be terrible. I went through detox feelings! Ugh! So now I am trying to taper off this drug. I feel trapped by it. I think I would rather feel dizzy! So each week I have my full no-klonopin day, but take a 1/2 pull on another day when I would normally take a whole 0.5mg pill. I did two of those kinds of days this week and I finally did not feel horrible detox feelings on the no med day. This week I will do 3 of these days of taking a 1/2 pill,plus my no-med day. Is this too fast of a withdrawal? Any suggestions as to how I should wean myself from this? Thanks for your ideas and support!