... allergic or something, but when I take it, I don't like how it makes me feel. It's almost the feeling of being tipsy after my yearly glass of New Year's champagne. Is this normal? Are there things I can do to stop that feeling? I don't drink, and I've tried taking with and without food, thinking maybe that would make a difference. No luck. On a more personal note, I've not been able to have an orgasm. I'll get a sensation like I'm about to, then it just goes away. This is very frustrating for me (of course) but it is also affecting my partner's self esteem. He's blaming himself, but this was never an issue before I started this medication. Is it something that's likely to be a lasting side effect? I'm thrilled to have finally started something that actually takes the edge off of my pain, I have tried so many other things over the years that didn't help at all, but I don't like feeling tipsy/woozy and I am not ready to give up pleasurable sex. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you