... days of starting this med I was extremely groggy, sleepy, and dizzy and had to stay in bed. By the third day, I felt such a huge improvement in my pain AND fatigue, I actually cleaned the kitchen and living room! However, for the past 3-4 weeks my pain is back to the same level I had prior to starting the gabapentin. Additionally, I am having a horrible time controlling my appetite, I'm rapidly gaining weight, and my chronic fatigue is even more debilitating. I feel incredibly weak. My doctor is out of town so I saw the PA. She suggested that I slowly begin increasing my overall dosage starting with my nightly dose of 300mg to 600mg. I realize that I am on a low dose of gabapentin, but I am hesitant to "increase" my dosage as opposed to just weaning myself off of it.

If I increase my dosage to a much higher therapeutic dose:
- Will my already increased appetite stay the same or can it get even worse? Any chance it could go down?
- Will my fatigue and extreme weakness get worse, stay the same, or get better?
- Are there other symptoms that tend to show up at higher doses?

I would appreciate any input. Thank you