I have had depression for many years, but I had gone off of effexor for a few years until Friday. In the meantime, I started taking tramadol for my degenerative disc disease. Well, the depression has been coming back, so I went to the doctor Friday, and he put me on Effexor again. I asked what I should do now for pain relief, having read about an interaction and assumed I would need a NSAID. He said, "Oh, you can take both." So I took my script (for two 75mg daily of Effexor XR). Well, at the pharmacy, they said my insurance wouldn't pay for two pills, so they got my doctor on the phone. Then it was 150mg once a day. I asked the pharmacist about an interaction, too, btw, and she said they were safe to take together. So I took it when I got it. I think I almost died Friday night, felt like I was just sitting here sweating and fading out of existence. I got on the floor, fearing a seizure, and I took a Xanax (I have anxiety, too), knowing it could have an anti-seizure effect. I didn't have one, but I was messed up and sick feeling all night. The next two days I cut the Effexor dose in half. But I still felt awful and couldn't stay awake, still took tramadol, though only half the usual. Today, I still kept to half the Effexor and skipped tramadol and felt - okay? I don't know what to do. Stay off tramadol? Stay off Effexor? If I have to pick no pain or no depression, I pick no depression. But should I expect tramadol withdrawals soon if I stop it?