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I have been prescribed citalopram but alot if my family/friends hve advised not to take it wat to d?

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ChelleKay 29 Apr 2017

Hello anonymous Apparently your doctor feels you could benefit from this medicine. Why are your friends and family telling you not to take it? You want to feel better, right? Well, hon, you have to start some where. Sometimes they get it right 1st time around, sometimes the doctors have to make changes. We all react different on different meds. You lose nothing by giving it an honest to goodness try. Quitting after a week or 2 is not enough time to level out in your system, and you'd never really know if it could have been the one. Explain your anxiety w/ doctor. Maybe start on lowest dose and build up. That way if you come to feel it is not 4 you, no harm, no foul. There are many neds out there just for your situation. Give it a try, hon, give life a try. Best wishes, ChelleKay

WildcatVet 29 Apr 2017

Hi anon! I agree with my friend, ChelleKay, and personally I would take the advice of a medical professional who has had years of training over a group of lay people.
I know where you're coming from though as my husband firmly disbelieves in psychiatric treatments and constantly gives me grief because I'm taking medications. He says I'm perfectly fine ~ happy and healthy ~and therefore I don't need it.
What he doesn't know is the me before medication. I would be dead by now if it weren't for my meds.
They're probably also telling you you'll ruin your brain and suffer horrible side effects. Two words for that... BS!
It's your decision and no one else's business. Best regards and good luck. Wildcat

ChelleKay 29 Apr 2017

Well spoken Wildccat, I sure hope Anonymous takes the medication. Its a pretty good assumption the problem will not go away on its on. There are so many meds available now, one has little to lose but a lot to gain by trying them. Have a nice day, ChelleKay

G Mc 29 Apr 2017

@WcV: Good advice, your comment to the poster! My husband used to feel the same way! That would make me feel even more anxious and depressed, feeling as if I were a lesser person because I needed medication to be healthier, mentally as well as physically. He used to tell me "Just eat a Snickers and drink a coke and you will be fine!" He didn't really mean it, he just jokes a lot. He is very supportive of me taking meds now. He sees the good that they can do. Good luck, Anon!

chuck1957 30 Apr 2017

Great answers ladies, Anonymous your doctor is who you should be listening to he or she would not of given you these if they did not think you needed it. Just remember and read some on it but don't let it scare you off this one you well know within 4 weeks if it is going to help and try to take it about the same time each day. And know that the first week to 10 days it may give you some side effect that you can work through but they go away. You know yourself better than anyone and what you told your doctor is what counts. you really should start this medication as soon as possible. best wishes Chuck1957

jamesaus 3 May 2017

I would trust my doctor over my friends and family because none of them are trained in medicine, let alone psychiatry. free discount card

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