my doc has me taking 30mgs of vyvanse in the a.m. knowing that I take 2mgs of xanax in the morning. I've been on the vyvanse for about two weeks now. It definitely helps stop my mind from racing and I feel more at ease, but in the evening time I start to feel very strange... racing heart,anxiety, chest pain, I feel like my heart is skipping beats and fluttering. This doesn't happen every night but most. The last two nights (later on at night) I've been feeling so uncomfortably speedy, not physically but like... inside... my brain and my chest. I'm sorry, its very hard to explain this.I feel like I have to be doing something constantly, like folding clothes (basically nothing very physical though. I can't lay down or try to relax bc for one,my eyes won't shut, and also that's when my heart feels like its beating hard and fast and fluttering. I don't want to stop taking it BC i finally found a med that helps me concentrate and stops my mind from racing throughout the day atleast, and its so refreshing to be able to have my mind at ease but almost every night (so far ) I have had some sort of trouble with it. Some nights are better than others, and there have been nights where I feel chest pain and other overwhelming feelings but they go away after about an hour... there has been one,maybe two nights where it went pretty smooth all in all. can any one help me? Any advice on how I can make this med work without the bad feelings occurring most nights? Is this something that will or could subside? Also, for so many years I have had to take my first 2mgs of xanax within about an hour after I wake up, before my anxiety takes over and I will have to fight a full blown panic attack. So, since I'm supposed to take the vyvanse in the a.m. as well, any advice on how long I should wait before taking the vyvanse AFTER taking my xanax? As of right now I have been waiting about an hour or so before taking the vyvanse BC I feel like they would cancel each other out. Its been an hour since I took MG's of xanax and I'm still so panicky from worrying that I will have another "episode" at night time the way I did the past two nights. Maybe it will calm me down and stop my mind from racing about all of this if I take the vyvanse right now, but then I think "what if it makes me feel worse!?" I've never taken the vyvanse while being this panicked before. Please help!!! :(