... went in to see a dr exhausted from not being able to sleep for 2 nights because i was in pain and unable to get in any comfortable position. I also complained of my leg hurting and occasionally getting sharp pinches of pain followed by a tingly sensation and a bit of numbness that went down to my foot. I was practically crying out of frustration in the dr office because this happens more often then I would like. I was prescribed tramadol and valium even though I repeatedly told them it did nothing for me and I was sent on my way. 2 months later back in the same situation with my back hurting. 1 tramadol has not done a thing for me and so I decided to take 2 which I wish I hadn't. It relieved some of the pain for a little bit, but I've felt more anxious and dizzy then anything. My heart feels like it's pounding harder then normal and I also have a weird headache. I know with vicodin it took a little getting used to and not feeling well but it helped and now I'm fine with it when I take it. Will this go away if my body gets used to it? I really don't like how i've been feeling the past couple hours but I also really don't like hurting so much