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Im prescribed to 40 mg adderall a day and I can't sleep, so would it be safe to take restoril?

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Rajive Goel 29 Jun 2012

There are no interactions between Adderall & Restoril, however it always advisable to seek medical advice before starting or choosing to stop taking any meds.

Please take care, best of healths!

balbanese 29 Jun 2012

I would strongly advise you clear this with your Dr before trying it. Hope this helps.

Danni926 1 Jul 2012

hi josh... i am prescribed and have been taking 60 mg adderall for about a year now... i went through a period during the first few months of taking adderall where i did struggle to sleep, and when i did fall asleep, i didn't stay asleep for more than a few hours... benadryl, tylenol PM, Melatonin 5 mg didn't keep me asleep, my doctor tried me on ambien and i stayed asleep 5-6 hours which was improvement, but not worth the side effects... it was finally restoril that worked great for me! My doctor was very specific about taking it only when i knew i would be in bed for a full night!! don't take it at 1:00am when u know u have to get up at 6-7am... talk to your doc of course, but i think it will help u... it's not to take forever... i took it for a few nights and once i got a few nights of real sleep back, i seemed to be ok back with using my regular melatonin or benadryl again for the nights i have trouble sleeping... good luck, hope this helps! free discount card

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