... Constipation is somewhat of a problem, but the main thing that effects me is GAS. Gas that I cannot expel from my body. I've tried peppermint tea and essential oils that I rub on my skin, baking soda, ALL of the OTC remedies and most recently something called "IBgard" that caused me to end up in the hospital . I was really looking forward to trying this stuff as samples I got from my G.I. I took 3 pills as directed on package and what resultsed can only be described as a huge pocket of air being trapped inside/under my ribcage. Nothing would make it stop. Trying to go to the bathroom was horrible as this "pocket" seemed to drop down to include my abdomen as well as my rib cage. I always have problems getting what I eat out, so I've increased my Lactulose doses to triple the rx'd dose. The gas is even worse now. Lactulose for me has always resulted in going a little bit many times a day. I can't tell what is being digested at any given time. I guess I have a couple of questions here, and they are: 1. could the Lactulose increase cause excess gas? 2. Does anyone know of a better way to relieve intestinal gas? I've tried probiotics and they do nothing. Same with yogurt. Also, has anyone ever tried to take charcoal caps with Lactulose? I really feel like doing this right now..
Thanks for reading