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I was prescribe gabapentin 300mg for migraines will this help?

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pickles503 5 Dec 2012

Hi Pamel.
I hate to say this, but it appears, from what I've read, that people generally GET headaches from Gabapentin. Gee, I hope this info is false because headaches are way out of my pain comfort zone.
And, yes, it can cause weight gain. Not in everyone, but in some people. If I weren't taking lamictal, I'd gain weight.
As far as if the gabapentin helps your headache, I don't know. It might, but I'd still give my doc a jingle and ask if this med is right for you. Also, it depends on other meds your taking as to it's effectiveness.' Maybe your doc will prescrible something for headaches along with the gabapentin, so you can continue taking gabapentin but it doesn't make sense to do that, given the fact that they were given for headaches. I take 2400 mg per day, and I've never gotton a headache from it. We're all so darn different, though.
I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of answers to this question. There are some people who are just ordinary folk, who dedicate their lives researching meds and illnesses for us, so they can give us the most informed answers possible.
Keep asking. That's the key to wisdom, and we can't get too much of that.'
God bless you and take care,

Inactive 5 Dec 2012

Hello pamel7673. Yes it will. Its prescribed for Migraine Headaches and it is one off several "off label" uses for Gabapentin, As well as for hot flashes in regards to menopause, chronic pain, and nerve pain, Bipolar disorder, GAD to name a view others. Regards pledge free discount card

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