I would like advice from the support group. Here is my situation and reason why I am dissatisfied with medical service:

1) I scheduled a DR visit on Oct 25 complaining of night sweats and shortness of breath, elevated blood pressure (my wife has a home bp monitor device) although at the time of the appointment I did tell the Dr symptoms had improved (which was true) since the time I scheduled the appt - I was able to run\walk 5 miles. Dr said probably had a virus which has passed.

2) Leg swelled after Tennis on Sun Nov 4. Played Volleyball Mon Nov 5 (I am a bit of an idiot). Flew from KC to Chicago via Denver Tue Nov 6 returning Wed Nov 7. Swelling got worse.

3) Fri Nov 9 developed "pins and needles" in heel, in addition to swelling leg, went to outpatient clinic, referred to ER, Doppler revealed DVT on Nov 9, went to see PCP Nov 12.

4) one week on Lovenox (Nov 9-16) and have been on daily 5 MG warfarin pretty much ever since.

5) had 3 month follow up two weeks ago. INR has been pretty consistent between 1.8 and 2.5. Dr did not order another another Doppler. Leg still slightly swollen and still feeling very remote "pins and needles" in the heel

6) asked my Dr/PCP where exactly my blood clot was and how big, was told they did not have the record from the ER. I could call ER and request it be sent to my PCP, but would not effect treatment plan.

7) Treatment Plan is to continue 5MG warfarin for 6 months. No running, no tennis (other than stand there and hit), no Volleyball. Walking and weight lifting OK. Don't eat food high in vitamin K. That is pretty much it.

8) at 3 month follow up - was just a conversation with me and the PCP and a med student. I had to take my shoes off to show him swelling in the foot and ask about it. Was told it is normal and DVTs can take a long time to absorb into the vein walls. No need for Doppler.

9) My wife is pissed. Thinks Dr is not doing his job. Should have had a Doppler at the 3 month follow up. Should know the size and location of DVT and how much it has shrunk (if any) since Nov. Should know the average time it takes for a DVT to absorb into the vein wall.

Any advice from the group ?