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Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - anyone have find yaz to help with pmdd?

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Inactive 23 May 2010

No can help ya on this one.
I'm 62 years old male and never have a problem with my eggs or being pregnant.
Though, I thought I was shooting blanks for a while then we had two wonderful daughters. I could not help making light of your troubles, and I hope I made you smile.
Seriously, I hope thing will be well with you

midwestma 23 May 2010

That's funny Bucky1, always room for humor it keeps us on our toes~ LOL

nikicole1986 24 May 2010

thanxz lol

fall queen 23 May 2010

Hi nikkicole1986, I can only tell you what I have heard from people I know about Yaz. I am already gone to that awful place called hell (better knowm as menopause) well it has good points and bad points! I have heard more than 50% of the young women I know ie. my son's girlfreind, girls I work with and so onthat they gets relief. I think it really depends on the individual though.Some women don't even experience pmdd. Alot depends on your moods and your tolerance for discomfort. I say when it says "less periods" it only seems to reason thay even if you do experience some pmdd, it will be this often. That's the best advice I can give you. I hope you will being feeling better. Fall Queen

midwestma 23 May 2010

I have a younger daughter, that was on Yaz, she said it controlled her pmdd, however, the down side was, she developed chronic ovarian cysts, that resulted in a partial hysterectomy, ie. her right fallopian tube and ovary had to be removed as a result of the Yaz, one of the many side affects Yaz has on the warnings the med comes with. Each person is different tho'. Good Luck to you.,

christineATU 23 May 2010

You're right Fall Queen. As with most medicines, conditions, etc, it all depends on the individual. Bucky's answer was funny but I have to agree with RemSupreme. I too have heard more negative than positive about Yaz. Always best to talk with your doc about concerns.

RemSupreme 23 May 2010

I heard there are alot of problems with Yaz serious problems so I would stay away from it unless the benefit outweighs the risk,sorry cant remember the problems but I remember reading about it and it didnt sound to safe.Good luck search around on the net you can probably find alot of info about it,take care Nikicole, Rem

costofibrogirl 8 Dec 2010

yaz at the beginning helped me with my pmdd and then it stopped working and all the side effects ganged up on me i had horrible acne my periods were awful but then i talked to my doctor about another birth control drug free discount card

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