i havea trace of bladder infection i was on antiboditic for abt 6 months everhting was check out by an uriogist nothing could be found my femal obygn says my skin is extra thin and that could be the problem and the uriogist says probably same thing i have omited all citrus fruits and caffenine and once in a while i do eat a chococlate cupcake im so tired of no citrus or tomatoes or any of those kind of suses and anything that could cause a bladder infection they were the people that told me abt the prelief even tho i have no cyst but i do take a nexiim pill daily but as soon as my insurance stops payment on it i have to turn elswhere do you think this prelief could work for me or should i just stay on this bland and carb diet i so tired of nothing but same ol same ol thing any suggestions beside going back to the doc i do use premium cream in my vagina and it has helped a lot beside i take the smallest does of estrogen