Hello folks,
I am facing a big problem. In the last 4 months (November - February) I have taken i-pill 8 times. Not continuously but may be with in a gap of 1-2 weeks. Last I had periods in February and after that I am not having periods from last 2 months. I checked for pregnancy thrice but every time its negative. Also everything is similar to as it use to be. No increase in hunger, no vomit, no nausea feeling nothing changed. But I am very much worried as i am not having periods from last 2 months.
I also want to bring into your notice that in the march I started going to the gym.
Also Last month (APRIL) I went to a doctor. Doctor advised me a medicine "deviry" to take for 5 days, twice daily. But still I am not having periods.

Please suggest me what it could be, what could be the reason of not having periods.

Is it something like that now i will never have the periods??? What should i do.?
I cannot share this with anyone.