Me and my girlfriend are going paranoid right now and it would be thankful to get a 100% accurate answer at this point!
Me and my girlfriend have been having unprotected sex for a while now since she's on Sprintec for about 8-9 months and we decided to have sex on the last day of her period which was on Tuesday because we thought we would be safe since she took the pill the night before and lasts 24 hours. So after she left the house that night she went home, got a shower and got in bed. Her deadline is 9:00 p.m. and she missed her pill by 4 hours and took it around 1:00 a.m. early Wednesday morning because she fell asleep. Wednesday evening we went out to the park and she forgot her pill at home so she couldn't take it at 9:00, but had to take it at 10:00 when she get home and she was freaking out the rest of the day because she didn't know if that would be considered missed too. So while we were at the park we researched to see if she was protected enough and they all said yes... Well recently on Wednesday night, and Thursday morning/night she's had cramps about once or twice for about a minute or so and stopped, and Friday morning(today) she had really bad cramps. In my opinion I think it's ovulation cramps like her ovulation cycle is off, but she thinks it's something else and it's scaring her..She thinks she's pregnant but I don't think she is and hope she's not. All the information here should help but I just need a brief, straight to the point answer..
Thank you