Ok so this is gonna be confusing. I've been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for the past 4 months, and every time he's came inside. I would take this pill called Postinor Unidosis after we had unprotected sex. Ok so here's the confusing part... After I took the pill, me and my bf would continue to have unprotected sex and he would always cum inside. I would not take more pills. I only took one pill and had unprotected sex until the pill "flushed" everything out.. I guess it had been working bc I haven't gotten pregnant.

BUT NOW here's my concern! Me and my bf had sex the day I got off my period which was Jan 6. I didn't take the pill until 4-5 days later. Keep in mind it's not Plan B and I've heard you have to take this pill within the 72hrs. Anyways, I thought the pill would still work, like every other time, so we did our thing and had sex while I was ovulating. I didn't know I was ovulating. Then again on Sunday, Jan. 18th was the last time we had sex. Of course he came in me. I know it's not healthy at all and these pills are not suppose to be taken every other week. Exactly why I would just take one and be good until I got my next period. But my thing is I think I might be pregnant now. I still haven't missed my period but I'm going to check in a couple of days. I don't understand how this method had been working bc I know the pill doesn't stay in your system for long, but apparently everytime I did it it worked.
But like I said I think I might be pregnant bc after I took the pill I had sex like 5 days later on my ovulation day and he came inside and I didn't take the pill after that or after this past time on Sunday which he also came inside.

Have any of you girls done this before? I'm curious. But I guess I'll answer my question about being pregnant in a couple of days. Thanks again!