I was on tri-sprintec for about three weeks , okay back in 2011 I was on the depo spot and I hated it after 3 months I never went back and got the second shot and my period want back to normal 3 years later (back in 2014) I found out I had an ovartian cyst (very painful) my period STOPED for about 10months !! My doctor said nothing to worry about most likely from stress . So I recently started the birth control pills (AUGUST 2015) the first week and a half I was taking the pills perfectly , then as the end of the second week came I started to take the pills @ different times , also having unprotexted sex ( pull out method ) @ the third week I would miss a pill then take a pill then miss it again , then just completely stopped !! I had very bad cramps about 2 days later then a period ( I think it was a period ) started very light and very brownish then become medium and regular blood about the third day , all in total it lasted about 6 days , as I was spotting I had unprotected sex again but didn't know I was spotting till after the sex !! (Pull out method , lol sooooo my question is what's the possibility of me being pregnant , what should I do now ??? I'm thinking about getting on the iud because I can't remember to take pills everyday !!HELLLP