I'm almost 9 months postpartum. I started off with the depo shot at my 6 week check, and on Feb. 16th had the mirena put in. I had it taken out on July 31st & went straight to the Nuvaring. I had some spotting / light bleeding for about three days, starting a couple of days after removal. (8/2-8/5). On the 11th I had intercourse, having taken my nuvaring out (that night) and either the evening of the 12th, or morning of the 13th I started spotting / what I thought was a light period. However, earlier, I had what looked like blood in the toilet, which looked like possible implantation bleeding. My question is, is it still possible I could be pregnant, despite having had been spotting after the mirena removal, and less than 2 weeks later light bleeding from the Nuvaring Removal?