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Pregnant with severe sinus pain can I take dayquil sinus?

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balbanese 13 May 2012

Check the bottle/label, there should be specific instructions about this. Most of what I found on the web says no, but didn't say why. If you can't contact your Dr or OB, a Pharmacist is a good source for a solid answer. Hope this helps.

Inactive 13 May 2012

I am providing a lind for you to read. Please do not take this unles you consult your doctro as the other poster advised. this could be very dangerous to your unborn child as it contains a stimulant... Mary

HeadStarter 13 May 2012

As the warning label statements that it is unknown whether taking this product could harm an unborn baby... I surely wouldn't take it. I know that doesn't help you much but there are things that you can do:

1. You can use a saline nasal mist such as AYR to start cleansing the nasal passages. You can use this product "as needed"...

2. Hot compresses on your face

3. Taking a hot... long... shower (for the steam)

4. Gently massaging your face around your eyes in a circular manner applying gentle pressure as you go. You can do this in the shower, too as you take in the steam

I hope this gives you some relief but NO DAYQUIL, okay??? I am so sorry you feel this bad and the pain...

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