I had sex (unpro) Monday April 18th and then didn't have it again until Friday April 22nd. When I had sex on Monday, it was my first time and only the tip went in. He didn't ejaculate but I know about pre cum. I had unpro sex Friday and only about half went in and he didn't ejaculate either. I took plan be Sunday April 24th within 48hrs. Five days after taking it (today - Friday April 29th) I started noticing light red blood when I wiped in my second hour class. It's not fourth hour and I went to the bathroom and I wiped a few times more and I had darker blood like my regular period. My last period was April 2nd and lasts about 7 days. My next period shouldn't come until maybe his weekend or around the beginning of May (May 1st or 2nd). Is this my period? I did experience some side effects of plan b (abdominal pain, tender breasts, nausea, haven't been hungry in like four days, I've been worrying as well because I don't want to be pregnant, etc.) but anyway, I'm bleeding like my regular period but I've also read that you can bleed while being pregnant. Someone please help? (No rude/judgmental comment please and thanks)