Me and my husband had sex on Jan. 5 early morning around 4am. Took plan b on Jan. 8 around 2pm. Then on Jan 11th we had sex again and once again he ejaculated inside me. I bleed on Jan. 12th through the 18th. I was due for a period on Jan. 26th it's now Feb 7th and still nothing. Please don't talk about getting on birth control. Because that's not an option for me. I bleed non stop each time we tried birth control. We are hoping we are. We decided we wanted a baby after the possibility of me being pregnant. My appetite has changed a lot. I really don't eat anything anymore but "safe foods" my friend calls it. Stuff that doesn't make me feel like I'm going to puke and that's like once a day. Mild cramping and nausea here and there and headaches a little more