I'm extremely scared. My boyfriend and I had a condom malfunction on July 1st. Immediately after I took a Plan B pill and got my period July 5-8.

Again on July 13th we had a condom malfunction and I took the pill immediately after. This time however, I had spotting / light bleeding from July 17-20.

I've read on some websites that it means the pill worked, some say it's your period and some say it's just a side effect.

My period tracker clue predicted my period would come on August 6 (It did not) BUT when I plot the July 17-20 bleeding it predicts itll come later.

I feel bloated and gassy and tired and I'm so scared. Could I be pregnant? or is my period just messed up because I took the pill twice in such a short period of time,

Thank you SO much, I really need your help

Some extra Info:
We had sex twice afterwards, no malfunctions ! We changed the Condom when it felt dry - could we have gotten any pre cum on the new one? We were very careful