Okay I've recently lost a baby and went on birthcontrol (the pill). I had sex with my husband on the second or Thir day of being on the pill. I've now finish my first pack and I'm having some symptoms of when I first got pregnant. No vomiting as yet or anything just small things have me honking I'm pregnant again. I fell emotional, eating a lot mild cramps. But I've just taken my last pill yesterday so I should be expecting a period soon. Yesterday an today I saw small brown discharge in my underwear. I don't know if its spotting or implantation bleeding or it's normal cause I Gould be getting a period soon. I'm not able to take a preganancy test as yet because hormones from my last pregnancy are still in my body and it will show positive regardless. Help me please, I should hope it's not all in my head, I would like I be pregnant I guess if I don't bleed during this 7 days I will call my doctor but any advice?