Me and my husband had sex on June 28 and I took plan b the next morning. A week later on July 1st-July 5 we had intercourse. On the morning of the 5th, I also started bleeding, (im assuming this is from plan b? ), we decided we are ready to conceive. So after taking plan b a week before, we are now trying to conceive. My period usually starts on the 12, it is now the 4th day past when my period was due. I am having some nausea, and weird moments of pressure. The days we had sex was my fertile days. My question is, even though I took plan b and bled, is it still possible we conceived in those 5 days we had intercourse? Is my period not happening because the plan b made me bleed? Or could I likely be pegnant? It is 4 days past my period and it has been 14 days since the first day we had sex, and 10 days since the last day we had sex (last day was also day I bled)