My last period didn't exactly come. A couple days before it was supposed to happen, my boyfriend and I had sex twice, but I'm on birth control (Minastrin) and he pulled out. I bled during both of those times, and spotted after that. This wasn't my first time either. I ended up not having my period. During the time frame though, I did have period symptoms, such as back pain, that continued throughout the time I should've had my period. Flash forward a new pill pack and almost ready to start my period, I'm concerned on if it will come or not. My boyfriend fingered me a couple of days ago and red blood came out which soon turned into a brownish blood that lasted for the rest of the night. Was that old blood from my period that was supposed to of happened? My period is supposed to start tomorrow and I'm concerned that it may or may not. I'm stressed from trying to see if I have any pregnancy symptoms and I'm scared.