Well i am ortho tricyclen lo, i was on depo (1 dose) and i have My period for 24 days non stop so i decided to get off it. then when i got off it i did not get My period for 8 months so My doctor decided we should try bc pills to get me back to regular. Well i started My pills on a sunday which was the first day Of My period and finished the first pack, now i am on My second week Of the second pack and still no period. Could i be pregnant? I have drank them late (hours) a few times, but i just don't know. My breast are swollen and very sensitive. Please reply, no put downs. Thank you all. P.s. I did go see the doctor and all he said was don't worry about it. :-( I'm not sure if I am pregnant, but if I am will me drinking the pills still harm the baby.