I went back yesterday to get more tests done, and ultrasounds. On tuesday my hormone level was @ 580 from a difference of 322 the day of my "miscarriage" and yesterday my level went up again to 650. The ultrasound showed something in my uterus but Drs are not sure what it is. I really don't know what to think about it... they said I might of carried twins and miscarried one, or its a very early pregnancy, but they can't explain why I was dispossing tissue and was spotting. I havent had a fever since the beginning of the wk and I have no pain. No one knows what's going on w/ me anymore! I just want this to be over w/ and to be able to finish grieving or to get excited. Im still confused. Has anybody ever heard of something like this?
Oh btw... I can't help it, but thanx to all of you that have been here w/ me through out this time! I appreciate it so much! Your words have been awesome and you all are a great support system along w/ my husband. Thank you!