I have been on birth control since I was 15, and have had no noticeable side effects to the pill, Nuva ring, or the shot. Right after I got the implant I was on an an antibiotic for a severe excema breakout, but I'm not sure what it was called. Since then, I have noticed many things. My breasts have been very sore and swollen, leaking a milky white discharge. My stool has been bloody at times, I feel very constipated, and nauseous at times but it goes away quickly. I have had frequent headaches, and my stomach is very bloated and firm. I know that the likely hood of being pregnant is very slim with the Nexplanon, but I was not sure if the antibiotic could have affected it, as my significant other and I never use protection. I have taken 4 home pregnancy tests that have all been neg. but have also read that the implant can cause a false negative. Also, I have not have a very heavy period the last month, and none at all this month. I am not sure if these are all side effects or if they're could be something more serious going on. Thanks in advance!