I took Microgestin fe 1/20 birth control pills about 6/7 weeks ago for the first time. I continued using the pills for only one month. I never missed a pill, never took it late. I had my "period" on the placebo pills which lasted about 8-9 days of spotting blood. The 3/4 weeks of being off of the birth control pill I've been spotting NONSTOP. I would bleed (spot brown/dark red blood) on random days for about 3 days straight then it would stop for 2 days & continue that pattern for 3 WEEKS after stopping the birth control pills. I've had symptoms of feeling nauseous, light headed, & mild period like cramps. Could this be pregnancy symptoms? I stopped taking the birth control pills after my 1st month because of financial issues. I had unprotected sex twice during the time period I was NOT on the pill. He did not ejaculate in me at all. I was wondering could anybody please put my mind at ease and answer a few questions. 1)Could there be a possibility of being pregnant while I'm spotting for 3 weeks straight? 2)Is this continuous spotting caused by not continuing my 2nd month of birth control pills? 3)Could only taking 1 month of birth control pills then stopping cause hormonal imbalance? 4)Could I possibly be pregnant?