so my last period was on April 15, 2017. Theyre pretty regular, i track when i get them. (Ididnt write down when i got it in march but it came at a normal time) feb. 2017 was on the 18th, along with jan 2017. So on April 29th, my boyfriend wanted to see what it would feel like without a condom on. When i say his penis was inside me for literally 10 seconds i mean it. it hurt so we took it out and stopped. no ejaculation occurred. ovulation charts said that i ovulated around may 1-4. don't know if that's true but details help. then, May 5th, we had sex and the condom broke. I got up and saw that there was semen coming out and - at the time i thought the condom was on - i got up and was like wow that's really clear. Come to find out the condom broke. There was a good amount of semen on him because i got off while he was in the process of orgasming, however i took a plan b within an hour of the incident. The next two days i got normal plan b side effects - nausea for one day and cramping - (i took the pill before a year earlier and had the same effects) then, about a week after i started to experience very sore nipples (something i didn't get last time i took the pill). This normallly happens before my period comes. It lasted for about a week, along with cramping, so i assumed my period would come on time. May 15th is when i expected it, but it never came. I never had any spotting or anything. Still some cramping so I'm assuming it may come soon? I'm stressing myself out and I keep having anxiety attacks, which leads me to be nauseous and therefore leads me to think i may be pregnant. it's now may 19 and no period. it's been exactly two weeks since i took plan b. last night (may 18) i had a really bad wave of nausea, but didn't throw up. i'm assuming i may have caught the stomach flu from my boyfriend who had it three days before (which is the incubation for the stomach flu). the 18th was a very stressful day for me because my car also got hit. i have some slight white discharge, but that's nothing super abormal for me. also, i'm within the weight limit for plan b, so that shouldn't affect it. i'm a nervous wreck. any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks.