Okay umm, I had sex with my boyfriend at the end of last December, right before he left abroad. Exactly five days before my ovulation date. Two days later I had sex with him again, and the next day I took emergency contraceptives. but it was more than 72 hours after the first day..
And about three days after I took EC pills, There was bleeding, not very heavy. This bleeding was about two weeks earlier than my usual periods. I brushed it off as my periods being messed up. That was on January.
On February however, I didn't get my periods. I'm supposed to get them around 11 to 15. Usually. I got it earlier than that on January. But its almost the end of February and still no periods.
I checked for pregnancy, home kit, twice. Both results were negative.
Is it possible for me to be pregnant? I mean, I have this tenderness in my breasts that I usually get right before periods but no periods. Im not usually someone who ever vomit so I didn't throw up. But I do get dizzy. But then again I always get dizzy cause I have health issues. And I got the flu this month.
It's complicated. I can't go to a doctor. Please please let me know if I could be pregnant?
Oh and yes he pulled out, both times, exactly in time.. Help me someone, asap.
Thanks so much.. :)