Please don't judge because I just need a question to be answered honestly. Here's the story: I've been taking the BC pill for about 7 months now and so Sunday Morning comes and that's when I take my pill but it so happened that my mom missed a pill because I take other pills for other medication idk how that happened but I'm over at my sister's house at the time so I don't get home til late evening, at the time I'm almost finished with my period since there was only a little bit of bloody discharge and my bf and I are fooling around and he decides to put his dick n me without a condom and I'm like are u crazy and he pulls out. He says there wasn't any blood discharge on his dick and that he thinks he might've ejaculated in me a lil bit. 5 minutes after that I take my pill and its only 9ish pm and the next 2 days I've been experiencing stomach aches and headaches. I took advil for the pain and it worked a little bit and I wasn't very hungry either.. I'm not really tired at all. I know its to early to take a prego test because it's only been 2 days since I had sex. I'm 18 and I'm scared.. could it be the fact that I took the pill later than usual? Because the next day I continued with my pills and I'm on the white ones now. But as we speak I have a slight headache and a slight stomach ache and a little lightheaded and I'm not really hungry or thirsty ): I'm not tired either. Can anybody help me please because I'm scared ):