My boyfriend and I did it on the last day of my period (4th day of the cycle. I've got a regular 27 day cycle). I drank an ECP right after the act even if he didn't ejaculate inside me. I'm just a little worried because we did it twice even if he wiped his penis very thoroughly before putting it in again. He wasn't inside me for more than 2 minutes each. I got withdrawal bleeding 4 days after drinking the last dose of the ECP. Did the ECP work? I had my withdrawal bleeding a week and a half ago. The pills I took were combination pills also. Based on my ovulation calendar, the start of my fertile window was 5 days from when we did it. Based on the calendar also, the day I will ovulate more than a 5 days after we did it but since I drank an ECP, I'm not sure what my chances of pregnancy are. I'm expecting my period in a week already.