I experienced a close loss to my family and days following I have been forgetful with my sprintec pills. I doubled up after my 1 day missed. Then forgot again. Had sex the morning following without being safe. Doubled up immediately and took an ECP. I am die for my period in a week. I have been experiencing nausea, cramps lower abdominal as well as upper rib. Sweats. Loss of appetite. I alsmot feel as though I'm about to get my period. It's now 6 days after the incident. Is it possible to be pregnant? I've been on the pill for years. This one for over a year.. And usually take it correctly. Would I be feeling symptoms of pregnancy at this point. I do not have tender breasts or any spotting. Can it be symptoms of stress and grief causing similar symptoms? Because I did feel most of the symptoms prior to this happening. I'm just paranoid