I am now almost 37 wreks pregnant. I have been complaining to doctors about this itching for over 5 months.
Started as a splotchy dark rash on my neck. That went away noe I have teeny tiny bumps everywhere - hands, fingers, in between fingers, palms, feet,goes, behind the knees, inner thighs, outer thighs, butt, back, stomach, neck, chest, arms, armpits. Almost everywhere. The only place that doesn't itch is my vagina... the area around it yes, especially the crease where your underwear would sit and the top of the pubic bone.
I am itchy nearly everywhere and it's gotten to the point where I make myself bleed. These bumps don't have a color and you can only see them if I angle the light at my skin a certain way but you can see them.
I've had doctors tell me it's puppp, then tell me no that's not it. I've had my bike salts tested, I've been tested for scabies, nothing.

They just say take benadryl. I currently take 50mg every 4 to 6 hrs as needed but it does absolutely nothing.

I'm to the point where even the smallest crumb in the bed touching me makes me really itchy.

I fear I might lose my mind. Any advice or help or ideas would be helpful since now 8 doctors have said I have no idea maybe it'll go away after delivery.

My only thing is that my husband also has a rash. His is only on his inner thighs stomach and pubic area... I think his is jock itch however because it actually has color and his slightly splotchy. Mine has absolutely no color unless I've scratched it off and it's scabbed off.. which even the scabbed bumps are itchy.

Like it's even around my joints on my fingers and toes.
Please help