Okay so on December 6th i had sex with a partner. We had been drinking and we're both intoxicated. The condom broke and he stopped immediately. We both went to bed and I didn't buy plan B. I'm also not on the pill or anything. On that Saturday, the 10th, I had sex with another partner. He put it in raw, but only for a few minutes before I told him I wanted a condom since I wasn't on the pill. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests am still freaked out. I've taken them on the 12, 22nd and 25th. Excessive, I know, but I don't want to be pregnant. Not right now. I'm still awaiting my period with less than a week left in the month. Last month my period came late in the month. Am I overreacting, or am I fine? I'm VERY anxious. I have high stress level, some cramping/back aches (which I normally get back aches before my period) have been moody... I could be overreacting, or I could be pregnant. I'm so scared. Any advice??