So ive been off the depo shot for a year and some months now and i stopped having periods after thr last shot ( only got the shot 2 times ) ive been having unprotected sex too and the last time i had unprotected sex was on 3/1/16 and the next week i started getting strong cramps and my boobs started to hurt a little. On 3/16 i woke up and went to the bathroom and i had a brownish discharge on my underwear. So i thought it was my period coming back. It lasted for 2 days and there was also like a pinkish color at times. 2 days later i had sex with my boyfriend and started bleeding after that but only for a bit and stopped. Now im having mild cramps and my back hurts and i feel moody. Could it be because my body is getting back to normal or could i be pregnant? I really dont have time to be going to the Doctors because of work but i really would like to know.. Thanks !