okay so before I start this story, note I am usually on birth control (depo) and have been for about a year but I missed my appt before all of this happened so I have no from of protection. so I started my period the 11th and ended around the 16th or 17th maybe even 15th I can't remember. then the 24th around 3am I had unprotected sex and he pulled out but I know precum can still get you pregnant and also it was after my period so I was probably more fertile. the 27th (3-4 days after the sex) I bled, and I'm scared it was implantation bleeding. the only reason I think it isn't implantation blessing is because iv read a lot and they all say 3-4 days it's too early for impla ruin bleeding to occur, also it was kinda a lot of blood (not just spotting) and it wasn't pink or brown, it was all red and a little bit of rusty red. today is the 28th and I haven't had any bleeding just a tiny tiny bit of spotting and nothing else. but I also know it's not my period because I basically just got off of it. she also said it's probably because I'm not on the shot anymore and my body is kind of confused. but I'm still terrified that I'm pregnant, can anyone give me some answers about this???