So I started the birth control pills (Lessina, which is monophasic) 7 weeks ago. I got a period on the 4th day of the placebo pills on my last pack, which was my first one and it was very heavy so I knew I wasn't pregnant!

However, on my first active pill on my second pack, I had sex without a condom and he ejaculated inside of me. He then ejaculated inside of me on the second week of active pills of my second pack. I know that Birth Control should be 99% effective, but I am worried and get terrible anxiety over this very often.

Last month, I had weird symptoms (like period cramp symptoms the entire month and nausea) and this month, it's the same. I know that some women feel these kind of symptoms before pregnancy too.

So I wanted to know if anyone felt like this when they first started birth control, and if they ended up being okay? And how can I learn to trust the pill more?