So around the 25th of june, which was 3 days after my last withdrawal bleed, my boyfriend and I decided to have sex. I am on birth control called zovia 1/35 for about two years now. However, my last menstrual cycle started june 15th and ended june 22nd. Then july 23rd I should have started my new pack of pills. However, i did not have a chance to pick up my prescription until thursday june 23rd. So at 9ish that night i took two pills together back to back. (side note i also do not take my pills time to time they vary and saturdays the 25th i took it at midnight before the deed. We used a condomn and speaking to my significant other it did not break or not slip. I was okay but the next day at night my breast were sore so i started to get freaked out. Later i started researching that you can get pregnant from a missed pill even with condom use so 4/5 days later I took the plan b pill on june the 30th. The symptoms i experienced were white discharge, sore boobs and nipples, mood swings, intense pelvic pain and in abdomen area that doesnt leave, tight stomach. My withdrawal bleed was wesenday the 13th of july and ended on june 20th. It was a painful bleed and was dark brown (almost balck with tints of red) with clots (however i am use to dark brown periods on zovia) I am wondering though could it be implanation? I then made an appointment for thursday the 21st a day after my withdrawal bleed and my doctor tested for pregnancy, uti, stds e.t.c The pregnancy and others came back negative but i only filled the cup to the 20ml line and it wasnt my first morning pee so do you think it was accurate? Also i drank 2 glasses of water to be able to go pee. Would 26 days or 3ish weeks after sex and just one day after my placebo period show an accurate result? I still am a little nauseous and my nipples are erect and boobs sore as well. I also follow up with my doctor on august 3rd as well. I dont know if i truly am pregnant or if it could be the birth control pills or morning after pill reacting to my birth control?