I've been on the pill for a few months now and I had sex with a condom this past Tuesday on February 23rd. During intercourse the condom slipped off but the outside was still in me and he had not ejaculated yet. I know this is not recommended but he put the condom back on and kept going. I know for sure he did not ejaculate in me or anywhere near the outside but I am worried about possible precum. Just yesterday I started experiencing dull pains around where my ovaries should be. Two hours ago I became nauseated and vomited, then just 10 minutes ago I vomited again and I just vomited once more. I experienced diarrhea (I have to include details) after vomiting the last two times as well. I know you do not ovulate on the pill and I take it religiously except for one 4 hours late before my last period that started February 17th. If I did ovulate it has been 2 weeks since the end of my period and I just want to know if there's a possibility I could be pregnant.