My bf and I have had sex, at first without a condom but about half way through we'll put one on. I'm on birth control (Levora) and take it pretty regularly every day. But since we were on vacation, I skipped the inactive pills at the end of the month and went straight into the next pack to skip my period. Does that make a difference with preventing pregnancy? I have super bad anxiety so I worry constantly. I've heard that your mind can make you think you're pregnant and give you symptoms if you think you are. Ever since the thought of me possibly being pregnant I've noticed symptoms like upset stomach (but I usually get that with the anxiety) and a few cramps (I'm due for my period next week, so that might be it?). Could it be possible that I'm just making the symptoms up in my head??

(also, I don't know if it matters but I have shown signs of having endometriosis)