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Did anybody got pregnant with alesse 21 pill or it's safe?

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kaismama 15 Feb 2014

All birth control pills have a 99% efficacy rate. This means that 1 in 100 women get pregnant on it. Generally this is because the pills weren't taken correctly. If they are taken every day at the same time, they are almost perfect protection from pregnancy. They only thing better is abstinence.

ggiirrll 15 Feb 2014

thank you very much. i am using pills correctly but i saw two girls who post that they got pregnant and i started to freak out.

kaismama 15 Feb 2014

Be careful if you are put on an antibiotic and use a condom while on it and 7 days after. Some antibiotics can decrease the effect of the pill. I've seen a show on tv where girls get pregnant while on the pill but in all cases it was because they were on an antibiotic or they forgot several in a row. My daughter got pregnant while on the pill, but I know her, she was a scatterbrain and didn't take them at the same time every day and forgot them often. lolol. Fortunately she was older and married.

WTF1234 4 Jan 2017

I take mine at the same time everyday however I was extremely late taking my pill one day and had to take 2 pills in 1 day. I have been on the pill for almost 2 years and like I said I'm never late or missed a day prior to this incident. What are the chances of pregnancy? free discount card

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