I am 24 and a little concerned about some of the choices me and my bf have made these past 2 days. Me and my boyfriend have had sex the past 2 days. 1st time mid afternoon the day before yesterday 2nd time evening the day before yesterday and 3rd time last night about 12am. For all 3 times that we had sex 2 of those times we used protection & only one time (which was the evening the day before yesterday for like 30 seconds) during that specific 30 second sex act, I made him stop because we didn't have protection (Even though we didn't necessarily finish the act I still consider that to be sex because he entered me without a condom) the other 2 times we used a condom he would ejaculate inside me while wearing the condom which i have advised him on several occasions to stop doing that reason being because I do not want a situation where the condom breaks or the condom slips inside me and he actually ejaculate inside of me. The event that took place last night around 12am is the main reason I am writing this because even though we were using protection one of my fears happened. The condom slipped inside of me and he ejaculated in me (after finishing the sex act he said he thought the condom was inside of me and that he also ejaculated. I was instantly furious becausse i have told he to stop doing thay but he obviously doesnt listen). We proceed to look up places that would be open around 12:30am to get the plan b pill. I took it last night (about 1am). My last period ended 4 days ago and my next period will not be for another 19 days. Even though I know sometimes these period calendars are not always accurate I still follow it as a guiding tool. When checking my period app lastnight it said it was my first day of fertility. Im not sure how fertility and ovulation work but could someone explain to me the process using plan b on the first day of fertility and how effective it would be? Also could someone also clearify if i was fertile or ovulating could I still get pregnant after taking plan b within 45 minutes of finding out my bf came inside of me?