On the 5th (Monday) of January, I had sex with my boyfriend. I'm always protective about not getting pregnant so we used a condom. He pulled out and ejaculated but after that happened we noticed that the condom broke. I panicked but he kept saying that I wasn't going to get pregnant. The next day I seen a little bit of blood when I was using the bathroom so I didn't think I was gonna get pregnant. So the 9th (Friday) of January, we had sex again and of course we used a condom but the same situation happened-the condom broke. So I decided to take Plan B and I took it on Sunday the 11th. But for the past few days I been seeing a few blood spots whenever I used the bathroom, so I been thinking maybe I'm getting my period soon. So my question is am I still gonna be pregnant after I've had sex twice in a week and taking Plan B?