Okay long story short my ex dumped me last Saturday over a text message after a year or so long relationship. Which brings me to my question usually he's there to assure me but not anymore.

I'm just going to give some dates and then get to my question.

I'm 22 and I have been on the combined birth control pill for 7 months never missed a pill & taken at 9pm every night. We always used condoms and not one broke.

July 3rd (Sunday)- My placebo week of pills started.
July 6th (Wednesday)- We had sex using a condom. Did not break.
July 8th (Friday)- My period starts right on time.
July 9th (Saturday)- We had sex using a condom. Did not break.
July 10th (Sunday)- My regular BC pills started back up.
July 13th (Wednesday)- My period ended.

We had no more sex since the 9th. My period is due August 5th (Friday). And I've been feeling unusually sick. I've been crampy and I feel like my period is gonna start any moment. I'm looking at my boobs thinking they look bigger and darker and that's freaking me out. Tonight I start my placebo week of pills.

I've been going through so much stress lately. Between the breakup (I just started eating normal meals again after a week). I was just promoted to director at my summer job, and I have school starting back up soon.

So what do y'all think? Is there a possibility I could be pregnant or am I just over thinking?