I had my IUD(Mirena) removed Sep30, 2013. I had some spotting but was barely anything only maybe once. Then i started my period on Oct24 or 25, 2013. It was for maybe 4 days. It was pretty much a normal period. The last couple days were more lighter than when i first started. But i did not have a period this month(Nov,2013) So i did a pregnancy test and it was positive. But my problem is. I was with my boyfriend before the period. And sumthing happened between me and someone. else after the period. But they did pull out. So I'm so confused on who would be the Daddy! Cuz i had my period after being with my boyfriend and only was with the other guy who pulled out after my period. But i know I'm pregnant cuz i went to the ER and it was positive there too. Just trying to get maybe a more clearer answer to who the baby might belong too.