My period is pretty regular I get it around every 28 days for 3-4 days. I started a new job in sept. that has me up very early and my sleeping schedule is every where, sometimes sleeping a 3-4hrs sometimes sleeping 8hrs also picking up heavy things. I work 60-72 hrs a week, sometimes working two weeks straight and only having one day off after those two weeks and doing it all over again for another two weeks. I had my last period on oct. 16 that lasted 10 days (which had me worried because it never last that long) I had unprotected sex a few times in between the last time I had my period and now. I have taken pregnancy test and they have said negative. I didn't test too early because I calculated my Ovulation and i didn't have sex around those days that i would be ovulating and I took the pregnancy test after my ideal missed period date. Now this has me very stressed out